Why Couples Counseling?

Couples counseling or couples therarpy can help if:

  • communications between the partners often takes on a tone of being negative, hostile, or antagonistic to each other

  • you feel bored and tired with each other

  • you are considering separation

  • are unsatisfied with your sexual relationship

  • you need a different amount of intimacy than your partner

  • you hardly talk to each other

  • there is an affair going on

  • there is an excessive jealousy present

  • you feel that you can no longer trust your partner

  • you cannot agree on important decisions

  • you cannot cope with unexpected changes, like illness, unemployment, death etc.

  • you feel that you have been hurt

How many sessions are usually needed?

This is a difficult question to answer because the problems couples experience range quite a bit in terms of severity. In very general terms, most couples come 5 to 10 sessions. The longer the problems have existed, the longer it usually takes to find workable solutions.

There are usually no one-visit solutions to marriage problems. A Couple counseling session lasts 90 minutes. Single counseling sessions lasts 60 minutes. You are the one who decide how long you want to continue the process of counseling. Between the sessions there is usually a minimum period time of three or four weeks. It is almost always best if both partners come together to the first visit. If your partner is resistant to the idea of counseling, there is always the possibility of making an individual appointment.